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I'm sorry, but statistically you have a bieggr chance of winning the lottery than making money off a book.90% of people think that they have what it takes to write a book.3% of those people actually write a bookOut of that 3% only 1 out of 10,000 are considered for publishingand 10 out of that 10,000 are published.If you want to self publish your book it has to be edited $ 5000You have to pay for it to be made $ 15,000 for 10,000 paperback editions.Than you have to get it sold.You have to pay to have books into bookstores.You have to pay for publicityYou have to pay for air fairs for the books and books are heavy so it cost a lot of money.Not only do you have to pay for all these things, but it takes a lot of time.Writing a book worth publishing takes years of practice and devotion.Are you a writer, or just thinking you can make a quick dollar? I'm telling you writing is one of the hardest professions and even Twilight got turned down a couple of times before it was published, and it took years before it became a phenomenon.I now how you feel. I'll finish high school next year and i'm saving up for university (i'm from australia we don't call it collage and i'm going to be getting by masters in English Literature, Editing, Publishing and Creative Writing) but if you are writing because you love it , than keep writing and maybe you will get lucky and i'll be reading your book from the bestsellers list.I sincerely hope that things work out for you, and a good publishing house in London is bloomsbury. Good Luck p.s sorry about the essay.


I have some bad news for you. Statistically, you are unlikely to make very much money as a nosilevt, whether you self-publish or obtain a contract with a mainstream publisher.Mainstream or traditional publishing is where the publisher pays you for the rights to publish your books. You may be paid an advance, and you earn royalties for each copy sold. Winning a publishing contract is an extremely competitive and difficult process, and most authors who are published this way don't earn enough to be able to quit their day jobs. There is heaps of info in the archives here on publishing, if you care to peruse it.Self-publishing, or vanity publishing, is where you pay a vanity publisher to print up copies of your book. You are then responsible for all the promotion, marketing, distribution and sales. It's even more difficult to sell books as a self-publisher than a mainstream-published author, because you won't have the marketing clout, the experience, or the bookshop contacts to get your book noticed and sold. It's likely you will lose money if you go down the self-publishing road. If you are set on self-publishing, though, you can try online sites like Lulu.com. I believe prices for having copies of your book printed start at several hundred dollars on sites like these.


Healthy Eating when I eat a lot of healthy foods and often (as far as I can stand to eat) I'll have a litlte fat? woulld it healthier to eat cuz im fat healthy food? How long would it take to gain weight if I ate a lot like that? How do I stop too, from their all on my belly cuz thats where everything seems to go? I need to take a healthy weight (12 pounds) but I must be pretty fast if I can do. What foods are good for health? Make a list of healthy foods low in calories and healthy foods rich in calories I could eat often. thnx!


I've just turned 30 today. I've smkeod since the age of 14. I spent the early part of my twenties as a Tanorexic, my diet is completely shit but I do not possess one single fine line or wrinkle. I strongly believe this is due to the fact that I am extremely conscious of making facial expressions, (as in I never do!) I refrain from frowning smiling. Also I think a big part of it is genetics. I also drink 2 Ltrs of bottled water a day I have SUPER-OILY-OIL-SLICK skin, (another potential rea

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