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Not yet, but I've heard of a couple of folks from Model Mayhem getintg slapped with a a3180 fine.A friend who wanted to do a shoot phoned to ask permission and they quoted a3140.Then again, would I approach a large number of brides saying they couldn't have their picture taken? I guess not :D


This looks like a fantastic optnpruoity to get inspired from an evening talk with Kevin Meredith aka lomokev @ 3rd floor gallery, Cardiff South Wales… Can't wait to find out more!


im from @MrKurt1962 im from lafayette lauisiona and we have a great culture best food you can get amazing music beautiful women and your calling people here coonasses and rednecks and your 49 get a life man insulting people doesnt offend them it just makes you look immature a person as old as you should be wise and should respect people and should be full of knowledge and advice i feel sorry for people like you who dont progress in life and just sit there full of hate you can fix your errors best wishes

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